Letting sleeping dogs lie.


There is always the temptation when everything is going well just to leave things ticking over; often fuelled by an “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” mentality; the fear that by changing something that works, you may break it or damage it in some way.  Or you may think that if things are working well, they don’t need to be changed or improved.

However, this can be a risky strategy for two reasons.

There may be a problem coming down the road, and unless you keep looking ahead and re-evaluating, you won’t see it coming.   Alternatively, you may miss important opportunities because you simply aren’t looking.

BT is a good example of not anticipating potential problems.   It was overly reliant on its fixed line business, and in the end was forced into change by regulation and some very aggressive competition.   Compare this with Google, who recently announced the termination of iGoogle despite it still being apparently popular and profitable because they could see that technology was changing and that the product would eventually become obsolete.

Only a few years ago Nokia was the leader in almost every mobile phone market.   However, they failed to spot the opportunities that the smart phone market would present, opportunities that Apple and Google have taken with both hands, and as a result their profits and market share have fallen dramatically.

So I am challenging you to spend five minutes looking at your business and focus on the areas that you think you don’t need to worry about.

Written by

Director of SNI Services